Sharon & The Sewing Circle

When Vida Roper's millionairess socialite friends get together each week they read the pen-pal correspondences of inmate Sharon Bentley. With each eloquently salacious letter Vida and her sewing circle live vicariously through Sharon's worldly escapades. The anticipated release of the greatest con artist they've never met pins the circle against each other.

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The Wrath Of More


Jibril Haynes / Nicole P


Nicole Parker 


Intimate Hostage


Nicole Parker


Jibril Haynes / Nicole Parker

Shooting Begins:

July 2016

Hot Delivery


Nicole Parker


Nicole Parker

Shooting Begins:

Sept 2016

The Legend of Hip Hop

Directors:  Jibril Haynes

Screenwriter:  Vladimir LaFortune

Genre:  Epic Drama


Summary: For many generations the Media Family has been capitalizing
on everything and everyone without any emotional ties to their
products. To gain more exposure they recruit 3 friends to become their
unknowing minions. Hiphop, Graffiti and Selector are teenagers trying
to express themselves in this media driven society. John & Poppa
Gander Media pimp the teen’s talents while the friends live flashy
lifestyles, losing touch on reality.  After being watered down and
replaced Hiphop is silenced. Lost and found by Rhythm and Blues, and
sent to the school of thought Hiphop begins to realize the true
message that his mother Music taught him time and time again - “It’s
not the mic, it’s the man”

© Origin Nile FIlms

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